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Flea Market Registration

The flea market will be both indoors and outdoors this year. Vendors are permitted to drive their vehicles inside and stage them just as if they were outside.  The space this year is approximately 20” x 15’. We are allowing all those who participated last year first right of this year's space. This offer will be good till April 1st. at which time we will be offering to those who have interest in participation.

Please observe the conditions of the Flea Market below

You will be responsible for watching and securing your merchandise. Power will not be available in the flea market section. A designated test area will be provided.

Power cords or generators are not permitted.

Vehicles will need to stay for the duration of the show.

Registering for the Flea Market will be on a first come, first serve basis

The fee will be $125 per space and will get you one ticket to the main show hall

Payment will be required in advance or before you setup. You will not be allowed to setup without payment

Fill out the registration form below and we will contact you with more details as the Flea Market area is better defined

Flea Market registration

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